Our produce isn’t the only thing green about this place. Inside and outside, from ground to the rooftop, we put thoughtful effort into making an environmentally friendly facility. The result? We're the first LEED-certified market in the U.S.A. Read a little bit about each area of focus and click each to learn more.


We put a ton of energy into conserving it. Our spaces, lighting, and amenities are all proof.

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We’re keeping the Market (and our conscience) clean.

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Our food tastes great. And does good.

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Why should waste ever have to go to waste?

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We collect, store, and reuse rainwater to keep our plants and grounds healthy (and happy), all while reducing our need for valuable fresh water.

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We built a better Market. That meant giving reclaimed materials a second life everywhere and anywhere possible.

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By bus, by bike, or by foot, we made getting to the Market easy on you and the environment.

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