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Education Foundation

Support Food Entrepreneurs
Our 24/7, 5,000 square foot Incubator Kitchen and technical assistance programs provide accessible kitchen space and one-on-one support to hundreds of food entrepreneurs each year (from product makers, to restaurants, to caterers). Budding entrepreneurs benefit from our on-site, sector-specific business guidance, as well as our community partnerships, and free Culinary Conversations. The goal is to help businesses navigate through all phases of operation, network with similar start-ups, and learn valuable skills and strategies. 

Expand Opportunities for the Underserved
By offering free services and subsidized rental rates for the Incubator Kitchen, the Market has been able to increase the chances of success for low-income and minority-owned businesses by saving each an average of $35,000 in annual operating expenses.

Impact the Local Food Economy
The work of the Downtown Market reaches well outside of our own walls. A recent economic impact study reported that our work has resulted in an overall annual local economic impact of $85M, supported almost 800 local jobs, and resulted in over $105,000,000 in food business retail sales since 2013. 

Empower the Workforce
By connecting with local partners who focus on workplace development initiatives, the Market instills valuable training and skills to individuals of all ages and abilities, empowering individuals in their transition into the workforce.

Create Meaningful Winter Gathering Spaces
We are committed to launching a flagship, outdoor Christmas Market that serves as a first ever, full-scale, themed holiday event that is designed to impact the community during the winter months. Additionally, this event will provide entrepreneurial opportunities for both local food and merchandise vendors, while having a significant local economic impact.


If your business, family or non-profit would like to get involved with the mission of the Downtown Market Education Foundation, email about ways to donate, volunteer or create new partnerships.