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Rák Thai

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With a background in his parents’ “mom and pop”-style Chinese restaurant and a yearning to try out modern food trends, Yang Hang opened Rák Thai Bistro in 2009, expanding to the Downtown Market and an additional location in 2013.

Yang has fused his traditional Thai upbringing with the American childhood that he grew into. In addition to Yang's focus on innovative flavors, at the heart of Rák is the warmth that his parents brought to their family restaurant. (Did you know Rák means "love" in Thai? )

Some things about Yang that we think make him pretty cool:  He owns Rák Thai with his wife, brother, and sister-in-law; he came to America from Thailand with his parents, who opened a family restaurant; and as soon as he could reach over the sink and wash dishes, he was on his way to becoming a restaurateur for life.