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Fish Lads

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From Traverse City to Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market and back again to Michigan, Fish Lads’ Jeff Butzow knows a thing or two about his product.

He sources local, freshwater fish from the Great Lakes, as well as high-quality seafood from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, flown in fresh daily. He’s excited to be back in Michigan, helping develop the burgeoning food scene with a fresh, unique perspective.

Fish Lads' food is produced from scratch daily - “simply done right” is their motto! They offer classic favorites like clam chowder and the best fish & chips in town, to a rotating menu of specials with items like grouper sandwiches and halibut cheeks. All menu items are made fresh to order using only the highest quality ingredients.

Some things about Jeff that we think make him pretty cool: He ranks the Great Lakes ecosystem as a top priority, making sure he only buys from fishermen who do the same; he grew up in Traverse City; and he led two fish retailers in Seattle for 15 years.