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Fish Lads

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What a catch! From Traverse City to Seattle’s famous Pike Place Market and back again to Michigan, Fish Lads’ Jeff Butzow knows a thing or two about his product.

He sources local, freshwater fish from the Great Lakes, as well as high-quality seafood from the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, flown in fresh daily. He’s excited to be back in Michigan, helping develop the burgeoning food scene with a fresh, unique perspective.

Some things about Jeff that we think make him pretty cool: He ranks the Great Lakes ecosystem as a top priority, making sure he only buys from fishermen who do the same; he grew up in Traverse City; and he led two fish retailers in Seattle for 15 years. 

Every Friday, enjoy all you can eat fish, chips, and slaw. $18.99 for adults, and $8.99 for children 12 and under. See you FryDay!