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They pair as well together as, say, a glass of wine and plate of cheese.  Kate Leeder, a former cheesemonger at Art of the Table (Wealthy Street’s foodie retail shop) and its owner Amy Ruis have teamed up as co-owners for this adventure: Aperitivo, a cheese, charcuterie, and wine shop and bar. Want to know what to serve at your next party? Ask these two—it’s one of their favorite parts of their day, knowing that they took part in making yours fun.

Kate takes on the day-to-day tasks at Aperitivo, while Amy focuses on Art of the Table, and they collaborate to complement each other’s strengths. Their businesses grew out of a mutual love for food, a good drink, and the community that surrounds them.

A couple of things about Amy and Kate that we think make them pretty cool: Amy planned to be an elementary school teacher, but was sidetracked by retail jobs that she kept falling for (and now, she says she can teach people about wine and cheese—the important things in life!); and Kate was a sous chef in Chicago and cheese buyer for Whole Foods before moving to Grand Rapids, where her main priority was to be within walking distance of a bottle of wine, a loaf of bread, and a newspaper.

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