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Teaching Kitchen

When we say a kitchen for everyone, we mean it. So much so, that we made our cooking surfaces and sinks height adjustable.

From kids’ birthday parties to corporate networking functions to bachelorette parties, our teaching kitchen is a great place for your next hands-on event. We invite you to cook it up at any event, celebration, or get-together.


Up to 25

Because we want to make sure you and yours are safe, one person from each rental party needs to stop by for a pre-event kitchen training.


  • Installed A/V
  • One Teaching Station
  • Six Student Stations
  • Station Monitors
  • Instructor Camera
  • Smart TV
  • Chairs in Room
  • Tables in Room
  • Use of Smallwares
  • Dry Storage
  • Cold Storage
  • Dining Area
  • Waiting/Lecture Area
  • Restroom

The teaching kitchen offers a variety of customizable programming and activities for groups of all ages. Teaching Kitchen programming and activities are offered at particular times and on particular dates and are coordinated internally by the Downtown Market.