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Sweetie-licious Bake Shoppe

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Changing the world, one pie at a time? Sounds improbable, but once you encounter the heart and soul Sweetie-licious Bake Shoppe owner Linda Hundt has put into her business, you might change your mind. 

Sweetie-licious focuses on simply fresh, completely homemade, and seasonal ingredients to make their pies and other baked goods, and the team often refers to old cookbooks to improve recipes. Sweetie-licious specializes in creating a vintage ambience, from the aprons to the décor to the treats that hearken back to Grandma's kitchen. If their pies make you reminisce about going back home, celebrating the holidays, and feeling loved, then Linda feels she’s done her job.

In addition to award-winning pies, you can indulge in their freshly-made daily assortment of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, quiche and other delectable goodies, as well as holiday specialties. 

Some things about Linda that we think make her pretty cool:  She began her pie business on her back porch and then moved on to farmer’s markets before opening the DeWitt café; she learned the art of pie-making from her mom, aunts, and grandma; her book, Sweetie-licious Pies: Eat Pie, Love Life, was named a 2014 Michigan Notable  Book, and she’s an award-winning pie maker, with Sweetie-licious winning the NPC's Independent Baker first prize in 2014 , the “Crisco Innovation” grand prize in 2011, and the Food Network Challenge “Best-of-Show” in 2009, among others.