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Malamiah Juice Bar

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The mission of Malamiah Juice Bar is to elevate community wellness through healthy products, local partnerships and youth employment.

The products offered include juices, smoothies, acai bowl, health shots, nut butters and more. Malamiah prioritizes the use of ingredients that are organic and locally produced. The overall goal of this family owned business is to serve as an asset to the local community. The values of Malamiah are summarized by their J.U.I.C.E. culture acronym which serves as the umbrella under which every aspect of their business operates.

J=Joyful     U=Understanding     I=Intentional       C=Community       E=Excellence

Some things about Jermale and Anissa that we think make them pretty cool:  They came up with Malamiah's name by combining their sons’ names, Malachi, Nehemiah and Josiah; the business was inspired by Jermale watching a documentary on the practice of juicing; and many of their juice and smoothie names are plays on common themes and ideas from popular Black culture.