Making Thyme Kitchen

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Prepared foods aren’t usually known as healthy, fresh options for an easy dinner at home. That’s why Ken and Karen Bryan started Making Thyme Kitchen nine years ago—to give them a chance to provide easy dishes that were flavorful, healthy, and locally crafted.

The duo has made meal preparation easy for busy folks: in five minutes, you can pick up ready-to-cook entrées, sides, and desserts from “The Dinner Store." Products are available fresh and frozen, with delivery programs available. 

Some things about Ken and Karen that we think make them pretty cool: Neither of them has a formal cooking background—they rented space at Fountain Street Church to develop recipes and figure out their business; to them, a good day means taking work home (dinner, that is); and they love their neighbors, sourcing as many ingredients as possible from Michigan farmers and retailers.

For this month's menu, please visit the Making Thyme Kitchen website.