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Madcap Coffee

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The design of this café is aimed at transparency, in order to highlight the intention and care that each of the baristas take in creating Madcap’s drinks. Customers can access the coffee bar at any point, as each piece of coffee equipment is built flush into the bar to allow for a clean, minimal space.

“We want to emphasize the consistency of a quality coffee experience, across all of our locations, and each location will feature a little something different. With our Downtown Market Café, we will strive to create an experience centric around transparency,” said Trevor Corlett, Madcap Coffee’s CEO, “The modern and intentionally chosen equipment work to highlight the baristas at the bar and the drinks that they are making for our customers.”

Madcap Coffee emphasizes a drive towards collaboration and accessibility in the design of their downtown café menu. Madcap Coffee is excited to provide options for both kids and parents, especially in a venue with something for everyone.