Love’s Ice Cream

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Fall in love with Love’s Ice Cream and Vegan Gelato by proprietor Chris McKellar, which greeted its first customers when the Downtown Market opened in September 2013.

Chris wanted a way to share his passion for healthy, organic, locally produced whole foods. When he learned there was room for an ice cream vendor at the Market, he jumped at the chance. His sincere interest in knowing exactly where his food comes from, as well as his desire to show that indulgences like ice cream are okay and can come from excellent ingredients, fuels the Love’s Ice Cream philosophy.

Ask Chris anything about how the ice cream is made—he is delighted to share. Love’s open-book policy is refreshing, as is knowing that their ingredients have been carefully hand-picked and the end result is minimally processed — something very rare in today’s food options.

Virtually everything offered is made from scratch on site. The same organic and grass-fed dairy and eggs used in their homemade ice cream, cones, cookies, sauces, etc. are available at Relish Green Grocer adjacent to Love’s, also owned by Chris. Love’s vegan gelato is made with organic coconut milk, which lends a smooth and dense texture.