Grocer’s Daughter Chocolate

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Satisfying your sweet tooth just got a lot easier, thanks in part to Jody Dotson and DC Hayden, who recently purchased Grocer’s Daughter, a well-respected chocolate retail shop in northern Michigan. Now, they’re excited to join the local craft food community in Grand Rapids.

Jody and DC are eager students of chocolate and hope to foster a sense of discovery for not only chocolate, but other foods as well. That sense of discovery allows them to use fresh, interesting flavors in their chocolate, from the cacao beans sourced from South America to the fruits, edible flowers, and herbs from Michigan.

Some things about Jody and DC that we think make them pretty cool: They are good friends with Grocer's Daughter founder Mimi Wheeler and purchased the chocolate shop in 2013 upon news of her retirement; they travel at least once a year to Ecuador, where most of their cacao beans are sourced; and DC’s past is in filmmaking and photography, while Jody has worked in fair trade coffee.