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Field & Fire Bakery

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Take a deep breath and inhale that fresh-from-the-oven goodness. That’s the sweet smell of handcrafted breads from Field & Fire. Owner Shelby Kibler is motivated by the aroma, flavor, and texture of his breads, and by the very mindful, down-to-earth art of baking used at Field & Fire. Shelby and his team put a lot into what they make, from careful sourcing of ingredients to hand-mixing the dough and firing  to perfection in wood ovens.

Shelby is taking artisan baking back to its roots, with whole grains, longer fermentation processes, and a deep connection to the farmers who provide his ingredients. Field & Fire is firmly ingrained in West Michigan’s countryside, and Shelby wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some things about Shelby that we think make him pretty cool: His passion for cooking and baking began when he was a young adult; he’s had one six-year stint at Ann Arbor's wildly popular Zingerman’s Bakehouse; and for another six-years, he was the principal of BAKE!, Zingerman’s baking school.