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Field & Fire Bakery

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Take a deep breath and inhale that fresh-from-the-oven goodness. That’s the sweet smell of handcrafted breads from Field & Fire. Owner Shelby Kibler is motivated by the aroma, flavor, and texture of his breads, and by the very mindful, down-to-earth art of baking used at Field & Fire. Shelby and his team put a lot into what they make, from careful sourcing of ingredients to hand-mixing the dough and firing  to perfection in wood ovens.

Their specialties include rustic European style breads, truly authentic French pastries and even Detroit style pizza during lunch. Also be sure to stop by on Saturday and Sunday for special weekend-only items like their cinnamon raisin buns.

Some things about Shelby that we think make him pretty cool: His passion for cooking and baking began when he was a young adult; he’s had one six-year stint at Ann Arbor's wildly popular Zingerman’s Bakehouse; and for another six-years, he was the principal of BAKE!, Zingerman’s baking school.