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Field & Fire Bakery

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Field & Fire is passionate about fermentation, food, and farming. They honor a long-standing tradition of lengthy fermentation that draws out the flavor from the grains and also enhances the nutritional value of baked goods. This all translates into unrivaled flavor and also results in baked goods that are much more digestible than those made with speedy fermentation.

Their specialties include rustic, wood-fired, European style breads and truly authentic French pastries. Also be sure to stop by on Saturday and Sunday for special weekend-only items like their cinnamon raisin buns. Have you tried the Detroit-style deep dish pizza yet? It's available every day at 11am!

Owner Shelby Kibler's passion for cooking and baking began when he was a young adult—working at Ann Arbor's wildly popular Zingerman’s Bakehouse then becomming the principal of BAKE!, Zingerman’s baking school.