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Dorothy & Tony’s Gourmet Popcorn

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Grandson Kyle Behm just wanted to make sure his grandparents were financially comfortable and didn’t have to work for a living, but soon after taking over the family business, he opened the shop’s first storefront and distribution center. Three years later, they’ve made the permanent move to the Downtown Market. 

There’s something addictive about this kettle corn, and Kyle thinks he knows just what: they use a special kernel, and every person who has walked into their shop or has seen them at the farmer’s market wants to know where it comes from. Combine that with the family’s secret recipe, and you have the genuinely sweet and salty combo that’s made Dorothy and Tony’s Popcorn so popular. 

Some things about Kyle and the business that we think make him pretty cool: He had recently graduated from MSU with a finance degree when he took over the business; the business began as an ice cream trailer at carnivals, but soon kettle corn was introduced, and the rest is history; and Meijer and Spartan stores around Grand Rapids are now carrying Dorothy & Tony's popcorn on their shelves (though that takes away the fun of watching as it's freshly popped at the Market!)