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Culinary Conversations



Culinary Conversations, a new MeetUp group serving West Michigan’s food industry professionals (growers, producers, restauranteurs, and others), is designed to strengthen the conversation of the region’s food creator system. Launched in January 2019, Culinary Conversations offers regularly scheduled MeetUp gatherings that include networking, educational opportunities, and speaker events. The Culinary Conversations MeetUp group is a partnership between the Grand Rapids Downtown Market Education Foundation, GROW, MSU Extension, and Start Garden.

Culinary Conversations Workshop: Websites and Where to Begin
Wednesday, July 28, 2021
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM


Is your business is getting closer to launch, but still missing the key element of a professional website? From marketing, to e-commerce, a proper website is a difference-maker in the food business world. How do you get a URL? What info should be on a website? Can you even afford a website? Is cheaper website better than no website at all?

Join us for our third "Culinary Conversations Workshop Series: Websites and Where to Begin" with guest speaker Alexandra van Milligen as we answer these website questions and more!

Meet Alexandra:
A fellow SpringGR alum, Alexandra van Milligen is the owner of Double-A Design LLC. A former high school teacher, Alexandra left the classroom in 2016 to study software, web, and app design. Today, she owns a small company on a mission to help small business owners and creatives tell their story in a digital space. From logo to launch, Double-A Design is here to support you as you share your gift with the world.