Valent-ICE at the Downtown Market

Celebrate winter with a gallery of ice in Downtown Grand Rapids! Valent-ICE, one of many attractions during the 2021 World of Winter Festival, showcases over 80 ice sculptures all throughout downtown Grand Rapids.

This year, the Downtown Market will host five unique ice sculptures that encapsulate the delicious atmosphere of the Market Hall. 

The ice sculptures will be located outside Downtown Market entrances and are themed to fit Market merchants. There will be sculptures in front of Aperitivo, Love’s Ice Cream & Chocolate, Pho 616, Slows Bar BQ, and the Market’s main entrance.

Valent-ICE is a part of the World of Winter festival that celebrates Michigan’s cold climate--because the ice and snow can be pretty spectacular. This annual ice-themed event series spans February 12-14 and showcases 80+ ice sculptures in Downtown Grand Rapids. Learn more here:

This is a Special Events event. Click here to learn more.