from 10:00am – 2:00pm

Simmer Camp: How to Play With Your Food (3 Day Camp)

Tired of hearing, “don’t play with your food,” when you’re at the dinner table? In this week of Simmer Camp, we will celebrate culinary creativity through edible potions, sneaky vegetable appearances, and baking surprises. We’ll even build food sculptures and channel our inner Harry Potter with kitchen magic.

Featured Recipes

You’ll be experimenting with science you can eat and learning how to personalize your meals all week long:

- Mix your own parfait, tiny tacos with handmade tortillas, fizzy lemonade, and arctic ice-cream
- Play with veggies as we make mystery macaroni and cheese, silly sweet potato pancakes, and sauteed green beans
- Twist your own pretzel shapes, make mini brownie surprises, and blueberry muffins that will fuel all the fun we have planned

This is a Kids / Teens event. Click here to learn more.