from 1:00pm – 3:30pm

Simmer Camp: Flavors of the World—Japan, Italy, and Australia (AFTERNOON)

Pack your bags and get ready to explore activities, cuisine, and culture from countries around the world. In our three-day Simmer Camps, junior chefs will get hands-on while learning kitchen basics like knife skills, fundamental kitchen techniques, recipe following, and more. Campers will make multi-course meals and enjoy their culinary creations with their fellow tastebud travelers.

Join us on a culinary tour to three thrilling destinations:

DAY 1: Enter the land of the rising sun as we embark on a flavorful journey through Japan and create homemade sushi rolls and japanese fried rice.

DAY 2: Make a personal pizza the way the Italians do - using locally-grown herbs and fresh produce. Then, before you say “ciao”, you’ll learn to create a homemade gelato.

DAY 3: Celebrate the Aussie heat as we throw a few skewers on the barbie. Then, kick back with your best mates and enjoy a refreshing summertime dessert from down under - fruity pavlova.