Wednesday, July 28, 2021 from 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Culinary Conversations Workshop: Websites and Where to Begin


Is your business is getting closer to launch, but still missing the key element of a professional website? From marketing, to e-commerce, a proper website is a difference-maker in the food business world. How do you get a URL? What info should be on a website? Can you even afford a website? Is cheaper website better than no website at all?

Join us for our third "Culinary Conversations Workshop Series: Websites and Where to Begin" with guest speaker Alexandra van Milligen as we answer these website questions and more!

Meet Alexandra:
A fellow SpringGR alum, Alexandra van Milligen is the owner of Double-A Design LLC. A former high school teacher, Alexandra left the classroom in 2016 to study software, web, and app design. Today, she owns a small company on a mission to help small business owners and creatives tell their story in a digital space. From logo to launch, Double-A Design is here to support you as you share your gift with the world.

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