Thursday, September 14, 2023 – Sunday, October 1, 2023

ArtPrize 2023

ArtPrize returns to the Downtown Market! Join us for a "Feast for the eyes" happening 9/14-10/1.

The following lists the participating artists and their pieces set to be featured throughout the Second Floor public dining space:

What Lies Beneath by Ben Brummerhop
Artist Ben Brummerhop’s work is both deeply personal and universally relevant for both artist and observer, reflecting vibrant, rhythmic energies that vibrate with contemporary aesthetics and timeless themes of crisis, perseverance, and human triumph. The hanging layers of What Lies Beneath have been photographed and printed on sleek aluminum – step to the side and a hidden world unfolds before your eyes, each layer meticulously crafted to contribute to the final composition.

Soft but Bold by Karen Hain
The two most important parts of this macrame piece are its brightness and its grandiose length – both of these elements serve the installation’s commentary on seemingly contradictory personality traits. It’s made of spunky pink, yellow, and orange cotton strings, signifying its namesake by showing that it’s possible to be both kind and strong, soft but bold. From the artist’s perspective, it is possible to maintain both traits without being a “doormat.”

Universal Serendipity by Annette Hines
With seven distinct, moody paintings, this collection of acrylic pours stands out, the blend of primary colors creating a vibrant palette of depth and texture. The title “Universal Serendipity” is meant to reflect our connection to the universe and take us to the corners of our solar system, allowing for unintentional events and discoveries, and the creation of different views and angles.

Bubblegum by Kirk Lepine
A mosaic of bold reds, greens, blues, and yellows contrasting stark whites, each square makes a statement while simultaneously blending in. Inspired by painting alongside his grandfather, a plein air artist in Sweden, Michigan, and Massachusetts, Kirk Lepine is dedicated to developing his skills in oil painting – Bubblegum is just one result of this resilience.

This is a Special Event event. Click here to learn more.