Wednesday, September 20, 2017 – Sunday, October 8, 2017 from 9:00am – 8:00pm

ArtPrize 2017 at the Market

ON DISPLAY 9/20-10/8

Here at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market, we are extremely proud to be an official ArtPrize Venue! Our goal is to extend the wonderful ArtPrize experience into our neck of the woods and provide even more awesome art, and also some tasty food! Stop by and check out our featured artists, 20+ Market Hall vendors, 2 full service restaurants, rooftop greenhouses, teaching kitchen, and so much more!


Bohan Li - Libertarianism
Location: 2nd Floor Atrium

Bohan’s artwork focuses on the exploration of ideas of freedom in contemporary art. By working with a variety of media and methods such as papermaking, printmaking, ceramics, edible sculpture, and animation when creating installations, Bohan creates unique sensory experiences that break down barriers and challenge the conservative shackles.

From China, Bohan Li received a BA in Visual Communication Art & Design from Jiangnan University at 2012. After learning english at GVSU, Bohan earned a MFA degree in Printmaking from Kendal College of Art & Design.

Catherine Strumbos - Sleeper Box Park
Location: Outside

This piece considers the disappearing lifestyle of the long-haul trucker given the accelerating promise of fully autonomous vehicles. Although the lifestyle represents freedom and the open road, it is a tough and lonely existence. Long-haul drivers typically spend months on the road; these sleeper cabs become their homes.

Born in Detroit, Cate holds an AB in Comparative Literature from Smith College, and is a founding board member of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit. She is drawn to art, artists, gallerists, critics, artistic spaces and social commentary. Ideas have floated in her head for years, but ArtPrize 9 is her debut public project.

Godwin Heights Schools - You can’t know where we are if don’t understand where we have been
Location: 2nd floor, Conference Room Hallway

This installation is a testimony to judgment. Many people judge others by the way they look or act. Yet, many will never truly take the time to get to know someone. Godwin Heights Public Schools created this piece to help promote compassion. Each shoe is a painting by a student K-12th grade and represents each student's identity. Whether it is a life struggle, a family tradition, a cultural tradition; we all have a story. 

Jodi Stuart - Forma Futura
Location: Market Hall, Across from Aperitivo

These plastic sculptural forms are made using the plastic filaments intended for 3d digital printing. By using the ‘3d-pen’, Jodi replaces the computer with the human hand in a nostalgic and futile, but beautiful, gesture. Through creating large-scale immersive artworks, she subverts the materials of high-tech, digital culture, using a process that alludes to the handmade and tactile.

Born in New Zeeland, Jodi Stuart attained a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Manukau Institute of Technology in 1999, and a MFA from Auckland University in 2001. Jodi moved to the United States with her family in 2010 and currently lives in Denver, CO. She is a recent graduate of RedLine Contemporary Art Center’s Artist In-Residence program.

Fleurology & Kenley - Decomposition
Location: Market Hall, across from Dorothy & Tony’s Gourmet Popcorn

Inspired by large-scale installations and the shared love of flowers, Alyssa Ferguson and Katie Huber will create Decomposition, a nature-inspired piece installed using preserved flowers.

Alyssa Ferguson and Katie Nguyen Huber reside in Grand Rapids, MI. With a shared love of flowers, Alyssa and Katie are both inspired by the emotional impact that they have on individuals. Alyssa and Katie create floral installations at weddings and events throughout the state of Michigan.

Mar Lee School - R.E.F.U.S.E.
Location: Market Hall, across from Tacos El Cuñado

Recycle Everything For Understanding Simple Earth. Every day we put many pieces of paper into the recycling bin never giving much thought about what will happen to them. Is it possible paper is more precious than we realize? This interactive sculptural artwork takes what has been tossed aside and forgotten and uses it to make a beautiful spiraling illustration of continuation, renewal and longevity.

Michele Graff MacInnes is a classically trained artist and is currently the K-8 art teacher at Mar Lee School. By encouraging the awareness of art in all forms, Michele pushes her students to find art around them and to connect it to aspects of their own lives. Michele’s own art reflects her passion for the changing moods and landscapes of the rural world. She received her BA from Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD, in 1989.

Nathalie Auzepy - City of Leaf Grand Rapids
Location: 2nd floor, Top of Stairs

The visual diffractions orchestrated by plays of shadow and light break down our gaze in an optical translation of the Grand Rapid map as an urban “moucharaby”.

Nathalie Auzepy is driven by creativity since her early childhood. Creation is a matter of genetics that gush from her soul’s inner necessity. With her artworks, she creates a permanent dialogue between space, body and soul. Nature has an important place in Nathalie’s work. Fascinated by its architecture and its ability to renew itself eternally, she draws in it a creative and sensitive power that allows her to question the link between nature, human and urban. Nathalie resides in Paris, France.

Taro Takizawa - Wabisabi
Location: Love’s Ice Cream

Taro’s practice focuses on prints, drawings and large-scale vinyl wall installations. The wall vinyl is meticulously hand-cut, and the slickness of the vinyl adds to the illusion of the absence of the hand. With a background in printmaking, Taro expands on the idea of multiple reproductions by the layering and repetition of marks in meandering, curvy patterns that engulf the viewer, creating a space of optical levitation and meditation.

Taro Takizawa was born in Japan in 1984 and moved to the U.S. in 2002. In 2011, he received his BFA in Printmaking from Central Michigan University.

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