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Team Member

Location: The Everyday Chef and Wife


We are looking for hard working individuals with a good work ethic; that is our main priority. This ensures that the people we bring on board will understand and respect the name/business behind the job that we have worked hard to build up. We are looking for people who can manage front of house work at events, have some food knowledge (this doesn't have to be an intense knowledge, but knows basic skills in the kitchen) for basic food prepping, and are willing to work as a server, on the Food Truck, and deliver high quality service to the clients overall.

The hours are the trickiest part of this job. We can have events come up last minute, and while we give our Team Members as much of a heads up as we can, a willingness to work last minute if you are available is key!

As with most food industry jobs, we don't have set hours. Our jobs are consistent, but can be sporadic. Some weeks there's only 1 or 2, and other weeks there can be 4 or more. We try to give an estimate of when the time of the events will end, but the willingness to stay until the work is done is required. (There are some circumstances that we definitely take into account if you have to be off at a certain time!) 

That being said, it can be hard work, but it is absolutely satisfying. When you work for The Everyday Chef and Wife, you are not only working for a business but for a passionate family that completely and utterly loves food and bringing top quality service to our clients to make each event a blast! We are always trying out new things in the kitchen and developing fun, new ways to approach presenting food. We are one of the fastest growing caterers, personal chefs, and food trucks in Grand Rapids and are determined to do this the best way possible. We make our food from scratch whenever possible and source locally as much as we can. We don't serve what we wouldn't want to eat ourselves, and we treat our clients the way we would want to be treated. 

When you work with us, you get hands on experience on cooking techniques and learn new skills in the kitchen. We always love to help Team Members discover new areas in the world of food!

Finally, below is the Job Description of a Team Member. We give every Team Member the opportunity to work all the positions: In Home Dinners, Wedding Server, Food Truck Worker, and Food Prep. This allows us to see how we can help them grow in the position best suited for their passion and skills.

Team Member: All Positions (General Requirements)

o  Self-driven to complete tasks assigned

o  Top-notch work ethic

o  Desire to provide remarkable experience for client

o  Ability to take direction and instruction

o  Can work as a Team and as an Individual on tasks when needed

o  Able to take initiative and ask what can be done next when a task is completed

o  Prompt



* Food Prep: Basic cooking skills or the ability to take direction and learn quickly

* Food Prep: Willing to abide by basic sanity requirements as directed

* Serving: bringing food out to guests according to specified serving style

* Serving: re-fill waters and food when needed

* Serving: general awareness of when food may be running out and communicate what is needing to be re-filled to Team Leader or Chef Jason

* Serving: clear service ware from tables when guests are done eating and bring back to kitchen to wash

* Post-Event: Washing dishes, sweeping and mopping floors, loading items into Truck, etc

* Post-Event: Willingness to stay until all tasks are completed (End of Shift time can vary based on job)


Food Truck

* Working the Window: Greet customers with a friendly smile and take their order

* Working the Window: Know what is on the Menu and a brief description of that item if customer asks

* Working the Window: Ability to verbally pass order on to Line Workers quickly, accurately, and kindly and to keep orders organized (what’s coming in and what’s gone out)

* Working the Window: Ability to receive payments and return change (if needed) to customers

* Line Workers: Know what is on the Menu and how to make/serve each item

* Line Workers: Able to listen for next order while in the process of making one

* Line Workers: Can effectively work well with others in a small space

* Line Workers: Can communicate with other staff promptly, effectively, and kindly


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