Yep, It’s Vegan: The Vegan’s Guide to the Downtown Market

Posted on July 11, 2017 by Downtown Market

Vegan options might not be too difficult to find if you search hard, but what about flavorful vegan food? Are you tired of looking at a menu to see that the only animal product free foods are sides or salads? At the Downtown Market, we have many Market Hall merchants that feature vegan food options.  From pizza to ice cream, we can satisfy your vegan cravings. Here are a few options for our herbivore friends:

Rak Thai

If you are searching for authentic Thai food that won’t compromise your diet, Rak Thai is your spot! You can get your dish made to order with tofu or veggies instead of meat. Additionally, you can customize your spice level!

Tacos El Cuñado

Craving Mexican cuisine? Tacos El Cuñado’s vegan options include tempeh and nopales (cactus meat). You can get these options in your quesadillas, tamales, tacos, burritos, or salad! They also feature a free salsa bar with plenty of vegan options.

Love’s Ice Cream

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth? Love’s Ice Cream features rotating vegan gelato flavors such as chocolate peanut butter, coconut chip, lavender blueberry, strawberry, and more! Love’s makes all of their vegan gelatos in-house with locally-sourced ingredients.

Rocket Pies

Not only does Rocket Pies offer vegan options, they also source all of their produce locally! You can pick up the “Vegan Veggie” pie that features Cashew cream sauce, seasonal veggie, kale, Nutcase vegan sausage and onion jam or you can build your own from an impressive list of ingredients. What makes their pies even better? The crust made from few ingredients: organic USA flour, water, and salt; leavened naturally by wild yeast, cultured with wild bacteria. If you want a healthier pizza option, Rocket Pies will not disappoint.

Sushi Market

Sushi Market features sushi, maki rolls, sashimi and seaweed salad made on-site. Their menu has a diverse selection of veggie roll options. Stop by during lunch (Monday-Sunday from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.) and get two rolls for $8 or three for $12!

Malamiah Juice Bar

Almost the entire Malamiah menu is vegan. They specialize in fresh juices and smoothies, wheatgrass "shots," and acai bowls, all made right in front of you. You can also build your own juice or smoothie.

Our list of vegan options doesn’t end here. Many of our tenants share the same belief we do; fresh, healthy food should be available to all. Visit us and see what other vegan options we have to offer!