What to Drink? Pick the Right Wine For Your Thanksgiving Feast

Posted on November 16, 2018 by Downtown Market

It’s almost time to carve turkey and pop bottles! Bring the fun and enhance the flavors of this beloved holiday with a complementing wine. Choosing a single wine for such an intricate meal can be tricky, so we headed straight to the wine experts at Aperitivo. Here are their wine pairing recommendations that will work perfectly with your traditional holiday dishes.

Start with bubbles. While waiting for dinner, try a flute of sparkling wine to kick off your holiday fun. Choosing a bubbly beverage is a palatable choice for almost everyone and its effervescence is a symbol of celebration.

Aperitivo suggests:

Il Follo Rosé

This option is on the lighter side, perfect for those who enjoy semi-dry wines. It’s an approachable drink perfect for pleasing an array of pallets.

d’A Crémant de Limoux

This bottle will impress seasoned wine-drinkers who prefer dry wine.

Be mindful when choosing a white wine. Favorites like Chardonnay are too intense to pair with your feast. Stick to white wines that are bright, tangy, and refreshing. A sip of white wine should feel like setting the reset button on your palate between bites.

Aperitivo suggests:

Selbach Riesling Kabinett

This lush, well-balanced Riesling is a desirable choice for new wine-lovers.

Niepoort Docil Vinho Verde

With this bottle, you’ll notice that it’s refreshing and aromatic with a great balance between floral and citrus flavors. Though it may be favorable to guests who are wine aficionados, don’t be surprised if everyone at your gathering asks for another glass!

You can’t go wrong with red wine. It’s a favorite of the holiday because its crisp berry brightness is a perfect contrast for hearty fare, however, it’s important to choose a wine that isn’t going overpower your meal.

Aperitivo suggests:

Coujan Cuvee

This easy drinking red blend features delicious ripe plum and blueberry flavors with balanced acidity and fairly low tannins.

Folkway Revelator

Revelator is a deep, yet bright option that emits flavors of kirsch, currant, pomegranate, and molten chocolate. It’s moderate tannins and balanced acidity makes it a great pairing for turkey!

Be trendy when hosting a picky crowd. You've probably noticed that the popularity of Rosé has skyrocketed. Just scroll through your Instagram feed and you're bound to see #RoséAllDay a few times. If you're unsure of what type of wine to bring to your Thanksgiving feast, choose this crowd pleaser!

Aperitivo suggests:

Maison L'Envoye gamay rosé

You’ll love the enticing aromas of tangerine, watermelon, lime blossom, and wild strawberry in this rosé. The palate is bright, energetic and mouthwatering with fresh summer fruits and floral notes.

Karah Pinot Noir Rosé

This wine saturates the palate with bright cherry, tart strawberry, and dried cranberry and finishes with a refreshing zap of acidity.

If you want more information about pairings or have specific questions about wine, stop by the Aperitivo counter! Their knowledgeable, friendly staff is more than happy to help you select the perfect wine for any occasion.