Step Up Your Cookout Game With Our Simple BBQ and Grilling Tips

Posted on May 30, 2017 by Downtown Market

Now that summer is quickly approaching, it’s time to fire up the grill! A good BBQ needs more than just good recipes. Developing tricks and techniques can make a major difference in your food! Next time you are behind the grill, try these tips and tricks to impress your BBQ guests.

Use the right fuel.

Picking the right charcoal is important because it will affect the way your food tastes. We recommend lump charcoal because it’s unadulterated and natural. It’s made from real chunks of charred hardwood and the intense heat gives our food an incredible smoky flavor.

If you are an advanced griller, you can try adding wood chips to the charcoal to add more flavor to your meat. Hickory and oak are great with fish and pork, while cherry and apple wood will add a sweeter flavor. To get the most out of your chips, soak half of what you want to use in water, then add it all together once your grill is lit.

Pick the right meat.

There are a few ways you can ensure you get the best meat for your BBQ. First, always use fresh meat! Frozen options will not give you the taste you are looking for. When choosing fresh meat, be sure that it is brightly colored.

Next, check for a healthy amount of fat on your meat. As the meat cooks, the fat will melt in a process called marbling, keeping juices from escaping giving you tender, juicy meat. 

Lastly, you want your meat to have an even thickness. It’s hard to cook meat thoroughly when it is thicker in one section than another. You might end up with meat that is either overcooked or undercooked.

Switch up your sauce.

Don’t be so quick to reach for the BBQ sauce! Experiment with different types of marinades, seasonings, and rubs to give your food a unique and delicious taste.

Marinades will tenderize your meat while additionally giving it robust flavoring. We suggest marinating overnight, but if that isn’t possible try to soak your meat for an hour before grilling.

If you want to experiment with seasoning and rubs, pat your meat dry and apply your desired seasoning. Then brush a light coat of olive oil on your meat to keep your seasoning in place.




Time it just right.

You don’t want to end up with meat that is overdone or a dish that is still a little raw! To ensure your meat is ready to eat, insert a meat thermometer into the thickest part to check the temperature. The USDA’s recommended safe minimum internal temperatures are as follows: beef, veal, lamb and pork (including steaks and roasts), 145°F; fish, 145°F; ground beef, 160°F; poultry, 165°F.

Don’t forget the sides!

The perfect BBQ features more than just meat! Don’t let your sides be an afterthought. You could grab a classic potato salad, grill corn on the cob, or make a fresh salad to pair with your grilled creations. If you’re planning on cooking for a crowd try to have options that will appeal to everyone.

When preparing for your BBQ, bring your grocery list to the Downtown Market! Fish Lads and Carvers will have the quality seafood, meat, and sides you need to make your grilling experience effortless. Field & Fire will provide fresh buns for burgers and more. Spice Merchants has a vast selection of rubs and seasoning that will pair perfectly with the olive oil from Old World Olive Co. Aperitivo has the perfect wine or beer for your feast and Sweetie-licious has the treats to appease your sugar craving! 


Get everything you need for an amazing BBQ at the Downtown Market. Happy grilling!