Important Tips For Your Big Day

Posted on January 17, 2018 by Downtown Market

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When your wedding day finally arrives, you’ve spent a lot of time and energy ensuring everything goes smoothly.  You deserve to enjoy that day as much as the guests you’ve planned for! Our events team coordinated more than 120 wedding celebrations in 2017, and they have a few crucial tips that can help you relax and absorb the magic of your special day.

Prepare a timeline but don’t expect to follow it exactly.

For peace of mind, you’ll want a schedule for your bridal party and yourself. Be aware of when important aspects of your big day are taking place. How early do your bridesmaids have to be up for their hair and makeup appointment?  How much time do you have for photos? What time do you plan on having the first dance? Have a timeframe in mind, but don’t stress when things don’t go exactly as planned. The party will not go on without you, it’s your big day!

Walk Slow.

It’s natural to want to pick up the pace when you are excited or nervous, but be mindful of your speed when walking down the aisle. Take in the moment with the person delivering you. Breathe deep and try to take a mental screenshot of the ceremony; it’s a sight you won’t want to forget!

Pack the essentials.

Bring a bag full of items necessary to help with small emergencies such as a sewing kit, bobby pins, hair ties, comb, hairspray, tide-to-go pen, ibuprofen or another pain reliever, deodorant, safety pins, etc.

Eat the food!

Of course, greeting and thanking your guests is important, but don't forget to enjoy the food that you carefully chose! If the excitement of the day kills your appetite, ask your catering staff to set aside to-go containers for you and your spouse. Though you may not be hungry at the time, you will be at the end of the night! Most caterers have a form they’ll want you to sign if you want to take your food to-go so be sure to check beforehand!

Take a moment with your spouse.

Your family and friends will be ecstatic to congratulate you, but be sure to take a moment to step to the side with your spouse and spend a moment together. Even if it's just for a minute or two, you'll fondly look back on the memory of the two of you celebrating your wedding day together.

Remember what’s important.

Of all of the checklists and details of your wedding planning, nothing is as important as the person at the end of the aisle. Don't sweat the small mishaps, they will inevitably happen no matter how prepared you are.

Our events team is committed to making your big day as close to perfect as possible. Our greenhouse and banquet room set the scene for your dream wedding, and our preferred vendors and event coordinators help to get all of the details right. To learn more about having your wedding at the Downtown Market, RSVP to our free wedding showcase on Saturday, January 27.