The running of the Downtown Market is the result of incredible teamwork. Here’s the team behind the work.

Mimi Fritz


Mimi has spent the past ten years designing strong urban places for communities of people to live and have fun. As president and CEO of the Downtown Market, she is focused on creating a healthier food system that connects farmers, chefs, and consumers.

Mary Gunther

Director of Human Resources & Operations

Mary has a passion for moving organizations and people forward!  Mary leads efforts to build human resource processes, procedures, and programs with the goal of making the Downtown Market an innovative, forward-thinking organization - and one of the best places to work for in Grand Rapids!

Amanda Gielczyk

Director of Marketing & Special Events

Amanda brings over ten years of retail marketing experience. She is a forward-thinking and results-oriented manager, with demonstrated expertise in event planning and media buying!

Kate Klemp

Director of Development & Community Relations

Kate brings people together. She finds mission-minded people, corporations, foundations and partners, and helps them make an impact for the future of West Michigan. Working with donors to the Downtown Market Education Foundation, her passion for sustainable living and healthy eating ignites long-term relationships that that would make jealous!

Carrie Zandbergen

Director of Sales & Events

Carrie is helping to turn the Market into THE destination for magical events in downtown Grand Rapids. She oversees the private event staff, and is the person to talk to if you’re looking for a venue that your guests will never forget.

Whitney Lubbers

Incubator Kitchen Program Manager

Managing the Market’s Incubator Kitchen is no easy task. Growing up on the family dairy farm has made her resourceful and extremely motivated, with a passion for good food!

Ryan Brinkerhoff

Creative Manager

Ryan is about as creative as they come. With a strong focus on design, he leads the Market’s branding and visual communication through careful art direction and execution.

Carlie Zervan

Digital Marketing Coordinator

With more than five years of digital marketing experience, Carlie uses her knowledge and skills to tell the story of the Market.  Carlie’s goal is to show the community that whether it’s a cooking class or scoop of ice cream, there is a little something for everyone at the Downtown Market.

Emilie Gleason

Market Events Coordinator

A splendid mix of organized and creative, Emilie knows the power an amazing event can have. With a heart for small businesses she has a passion for creating events that will benefit the Market and the Grand Rapids community.

Cait Fritz

Operations Manager

Cait’s efforts span multiple facets of the Market, office operations, technology, book keeping and so much more.

Emily Fitton

Sales & Events Assistant

As an expert in Hospitality, Emily loves making people happy and creating memorable experiences. She is an enthusiastic member of the Private Rentals Department, and she can’t wait to help you plan your next event!

Abby Whittington

Sales and Events Coordinator

Abby is here to create everlasting memories for you and your guests. She is there every step of the way ensuring that the event runs smoothly and always with a smile!

Shanna Massey

Sales and Events Coordinator

Shanna wears many hats at the Market! When she’s not ensuring your private event runs perfectly, you may find her taking care of our guests behind the bar or in our administrative office.

Katie Clark

Beverage Manager

Katie handles beverage services and staffing for all Market private events. She is in charge of making sure your event’s bar is well staffed and your guests are well served!

Kelsey Harvey

Office Manager

Kelsey is indispensable when it comes to keeping the Admin Office running smoothly. Her attention to detail is only matched by her positive attitude!

Cameron Cramer

Administrative Coordinator

Cameron is here to assist Market guests with anything they may need during their visit. He is knowledgeable, cheerful, and happy to help!

Laura Rowland

Administrative Coordinator

Laura loves the Downtown Market, and she’s happy to tell you why! With a background in hospitality and communications, she’s always ready to give exceptional guest service - no matter what your needs.

Tom Reinhart

Director of Culinary Education, Programs & Partnerships

Chef Tom makes people’s hands smell of garlic. He has been teaching the joys of cooking in West Michigan for over 10 years. Now he leads our culinary education program.

Taylor Deschaine

Culinary Lead

Taylor is bringing a modern twist to the downtown market teaching kitchens with her 3 Michelin Star restaurant experience. Locally trained here at the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education.

Brian Burch

Public Relations

Brian is a communications professional with more than 12 years of experience working with some of the Midwest’s biggest ideas, including ArtPrize, Start Garden, the Grand Rapids Art Museum and Millennium Park: Chicago.

Erin Cataldo

Public Relations

Erin takes PR seriously. She gets Market news out there with determination and creativity.

Denise Hopkins

Greenhouse Manager

Denise brings her love of nature and experience creating empowering spaces to our greenhouse. As an architect, landscape designer, and plantswoman, she’s growing our indoor and outdoor gardens.


Our porters do the hard work of keeping the Market clean and preparing our spaces for private events and Market activities.

Mike Devries

Director of Facilities

Mike keeps this machine running. From heating to electrical to waste management, he makes sure all parts are well oiled and ready for happy Market visitors.

Blake Flikkema

Facilities Manager

Blake works with Mike and the team to assist in all the various facilities needs within this impressive building. When it comes to maintenance and upkeep, he definitely knows his stuff!

Justin Cooper

Sustainability Coordinator

Justin is involved in maintenance projects, implementing recycling programs, and truck dock coordination. His true passion lies in sustainability practices, so he is a perfect fit for our Gold LEED Certified facility!

Karen McFeely


Everett Van Allsburg


Wanda Bluntson


Danielle Rosales


Jodi Buckner